CRF Fuel Card

The C&R card is a convenient charge card that allows you to purchase fuels, oils, product and services at any City & Regional outlet. The range of benefits include:

  • Less Work – More Savings – Keep track of your fleets running costs.
  • Save on Administration – No more hunting for receipts at tax time. Each month you receive an itemised Tax Invoice detailing all purchases by product and card.
  • Protection – You can personalise cards with Driver Names, vehicle registrations, descriptions and product restrictions.
  • Security – City & Regional Cards are PIN protected to prevent unauthorized use.
  • One Stop Purchasing – Your C&R Card can be used to purchase a range of services from fuel, Shop, Lubricants etc.
  • Large Network – With 8 Retail facilities, 2 Card Sites and access to the BP Plus national network Australia wide.

To apply for a City and Regional Fuel Card please visit Accounts to download an order form.