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City and Regional Fuels is the largest distributor of quality BP fuel products in the South West of Western Australia, and our business only supplies quality BP fuel products.
BP Fuel products are world renowned for their high quality and for delivering peak performance.
There are many fuel brands and products available in the market – including independent or ‘no name’ brands.

You can rest assured that BP products will deliver superior performance and help protect the investment that you have made in your vehicles or machinery.
Our retail and depot network can supply your business with the full range of BP fuel products.
BP has developed a range of fuels that are cleaner, designed to deliver peak performance for today’s new engine and emission control systems. We can provide your business with a range of fuel products including

BP Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

With a low sulphur content, our diesel fuel is better for the environment and can decreased wear and tear on your vehicle’s pistons and cylinders. Using BP Ultra Low Sulphur diesel regularly can extend the lubricant life of your engine and can potentially reduce maintenance costs over time.

BP Unleaded 91

A quality 91 octane fuel designed for use in most vehicles. It is also suited for all 2 and 4 stroke applications including motor cycles, marine engines, motor mowers, chain saws etc. Highly refined petrol, Unleaded 91 petrol is blended according to the season so vehicles experience easy start up and full power all year round.

BP Ultimate 98 Unleaded

This is no ordinary fuel! It’s an advanced performance fuel designed to be better for your vehicle whatever the make or model. Formulated to clean your engine, to give you more performance and less pollution. With ongoing use, you can enjoy the benefits of more power, sharper acceleration and more kilometres per tank.

BP Ultimate Diesel

BP has perfected our innovative formulation – based on patented technology – to produce BP Ultimate Diesel, our best ever dirt-busting diesel fuel. In fact, BP Ultimate Diesel can bust the dirt in your engine in just 2 tanks!*

Restore the performance of your engine and go cleaner, smoother, further, with BP Ultimate Diesel.


AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid used in modern trucks that have a selective catalytic reduction system. Using AdBlue in line with manufacturers’ requirements and a catalytic converter reduces the level of oxides of nitrogen emitted from engines.
AdBlue is manufactured to meet ISO quality standards 22241-1, 2, 3 and 4. It also meets DIN70070 and CEFIC standards.